Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bewley's Hotels are now mobile!

New web app means that Bewley's Hotels are now more accessible than ever – now available, in fact, in your pocket!

The Moran and Bewley's Hotel Group has become the first major hotel group in Ireland and the UK to embrace mobile booking technology. Using advanced mobile webapp technology developed by Bookassist, Bewley's Hotels in Dublin, Leeds and Manchester, and Moran Hotels in London, Dublin and Cork are now bookable on iPhone and Android platforms for customers on the go.

Visit or using an iPhone or Android device, and the mobile technology automatically redirects you to the mobile webapp version of the hotel group's website. Visitors using their mobiles to look at individual websites for each hotel are similarly redirected.

The beauty of this system is that there is no app to download, no app store to visit, and no irritating extra steps or barriers in the way for mobile users. The process is seamless and ensures customers get the best experience possible on every platform – whether browsing or booking from their desktop or on their mobile.When you arrive at the site on your Iphone or similar device, you can add the site to your homepage and a Bewley's Hotels icon will pop up meaning next time you want to book all you have to do is touch your screen!

Mobile web browsers on the Bewley's Hotels site and the Moran Hotels site get the full web experience – hotel description, photo gallery, customer reviews, mapping and routing information – as well as a complete booking process in the new, multilingual webapp system. A simple, clear and easily-navigable layout, custom made for mobile, is the key to how clean and straightforward the process is, and will no doubt increase the already significant level of mobile traffic to the Bewley’s Hotels site.

"At Moran and Bewley's Hotels we do already attract plenty of mobile business,” says Tracy Moran, the group’s Communications Director, “so much so that we have taken this step to meet the very real need from many of our guests for a sophisticated but useful mobile service. We do like to pride ourselves on being ahead of the pack when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs, and we expect our new app will be a big success for us, as well as simplifying various processes for our mobile-reliant guests.”

Visit or on your iPhone or Android phone to get the full mobile experience.

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