Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Limerick Competition Finalists

We have managed to narrow the list of limericks down to 10 entries. We would like you to take over and become the Simon Cowell of the limerick world and vote for your favourite.
Make sure to get your friends and family involved!

Finalists are listed below and also how to vote!!

1. Paula Walshe
I met a young man one day
I noticed him looking my way
Now 15 years later
and 3 gorgeous kids greater
Our love still gets stronger each day.

2. Alice Culbert

there was a young man in the seventies
who lived for football and penalties!
when along came a red head
looking to be wed
thirty two years later their a melody

 3. Sandra Tiernan

We once stayed at beautiful Bewleys,
With Hubby we went to dine
We got a suprise
When right before our eyes
We got drunk on two bottles of wine!!

4. Ambrose O Shea

Valentines day is once a year ,
so very special as it your birthday dear
wont tell the world its your 60th now
so have a great day and take a bow.
you deserve something special on this day
so a bouquet of flowers is on its way

5. Marion Dunne

 I ran up the door
I opened the stairs
I said my pyjamas
And put on my prayers
Turned out the bed
Jumped into the light
All because you kissed me goodnight

6. Mary Theresa O Sullivan

Roses may say ' I love you'
with a romantic, loving touch,
but even in their beauty
can never show how much
So please remember Valentine,
that the love I send your way,
unlike a tender rose
lasts forever and a day.
Happy Valentine's.

7. Michelle Long

If I were a key, I would lock you;
If lightning, then I would shock you;
If I were a pier I would dock you;
If I had a band I would rock you.
If I were a spoon, I would feed you;
If I were a house, I would deed you;
On Valentine’s Day, I must plead you,
Valentine, I really need you!

8. Colin Stone

You know you are my sweet
And you really deserve a treat
My darling Valentine
Say you'll always be mine
Or I wont bring you to Bewleys for someting to eat!

9. Paul Gildea

There was a young lady named Laura,
who wasn't a great explorer,
but she would come to bewleys with me
for the promise of love and free tea.

10. Antonia Esmonde

February will always be
Thye most romantic month for me
It's when I got engaged you see
Last year it was, in Sin City!
So now there's a wedding to save up for
I fear I may have become a bore
It would be great to treat my hubby-to-be!
To a romantic night thanks to all at Bewleys.

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The winner will be announced on Friday the 11th of February!