Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Facebook Competition

Finally after huge anticipation we are ready to put our Facebook competition in to place. The votes have been counted and it was decided by you, the fans of Bewley's Hotels!

We will be conducting a 7 day competition and you must stay tuned to our facebook page every day to get the clues. It will be an online treasure hunt.

The prize is 2 tickets to Cirque Du Soleil on the 15th of July. If that wasn't enough we have included an overnight stay with breakfast in Bewley's Hotel Leopardstown with transport to and from the 02 Arena Dublin.

We will put one letter per day which will spell out BEWLEYS (one letter per day) on any page within our site, it could be anywhere but you will have to figure out the clue and go to the page. The letter will be sitting within the page in bold as a capital letter. See the attached picture for an idea. The page will only be live for a few hours so you have a limited time to find the answer.

For example if the clue was : If you want a 'flying visit' to dublin airport then this is the place for you!
From here you would log on to you will then figure out which location we are talking about, in this case it is Bewley's Hotel Dublin Airport- You will click the 'Dublin Airport' tab and look at that page you will find the letter mixed in somewhere.
Over 7 days the word will spell out BEWLEYS.

When sumitting your entry it should look like this:
To enter you will need to collect all 7 of the web addresses you find.

At the end of the competition you need to email the 7 web addresses of the pages to by Monday 12th of July at 5pm.
There can only be one winner so make sure it's you!

Good Luck Every One!

1st July: Clue: If you need some oxegen then this hotel will sort you out. 
2nd July: Clue: Its where you will find our gossip 
5th July: Clue: If you like racing, rock and bulmers then this hotel will have you very close.
6th July: Clue: Can anyone tell me how to get to Elland Road? 
7th July: Clue: Is you're going to see Rooney this hotel is en route! 
8th July: Clue: It's coordinates are N +53˚ 19’ 32.41”


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